New Features

Audio control

Academy article

  • Magnetic Audio — Make one audio placeholder follow another audio placeholder

  • Sidechain Compression — audio placeholders reduce the volume of the soundtrack

  • Set audio volume in Storybuilding Suite for placeholders and soundtrack

  • Fade-in or fade-out any audio placeholder and soundtrack

  • Audio can now be in stereo

  • Placeholder audio layers can be packaged with IDM

Scene Tools 2.0.22 Released

Including Scene Builder 2.1.13

Articles for existing users

Articles for new users

  • Two effects: Blur and Corner Pin!

  • Download page updated to allow for both Scene Tools and Space Tools

  • Render speed improvements of up to X7

  • Image fidelity improvements

  • Package several scenes in one click

  • Can change names of IDM files

Email Integration Removed

Academy Articles

  • The email integration feature has been deprecated

  • Articles on how to integrate other existing email solutions have been updated

Storyboard API v2

Academy articles. More detailed documentation to follow.

  • Scene API v2 and Storyboard API v2 are now more stable with a lot of bugs fixed including better errors

  • Authorization has now moved to the header. Sending authorization in the body will not fail a render, but won't be enough

  • Any output resolution and type

  • Scene API v2 allows for control of many features before they are available in the interface:

    • Rich Text

    • Media alignment

    • Scene overlap and transitions

Bug Fixes

Asset Handling

  • Black borders around images gone

  • Assets uploaded to a Scene Library no longer change their name

Scene Tools

  • The version update checker in Scene Builder was broken. Make sure your clients know to upgrade

  • On some fonts, if using paragraph text in After Effects there might be a small shift in vertical position. This is still the case, but with a smaller shift

  • Sometimes, when using track mattes, a layer will flicker in and out. Fixed

  • On a couple of projects text will disappear on play but appear on pause. Fixed

  • Calendar fonts didn't align when using Scene Builder. They do now

  • You can't have two placeholders of the same type with the same name anymore

Storybuilding Suite

  • Replace Scene in Scene Libraries is back

  • The scripting option in the Storybuilder UI has been removed

  • Special characters are now allowed in static text layer editing

  • Captcha and a more secure password reset added in Storybuilding Suite

  • When changing one variable in group logic, all the parameters are changing to the same variable. This has been fixed

  • Validation rules no longer mess up other rules


  • Logic rules using Facebook parameter now work