The Edit Path option lets you create a dynamic path to assets using combination of text and parameters. This can be used in several different ways:

  • Host your assets on your own storage servers and map the path to the assets with changing parameters.
  • The names of your assets are built out of two or more parameters and are hosted on Idomoo's asset libraries or elsewhere.
  • You have a service that generates an asset by using a URL. Build that URL using Edit Path, and the assets are generated and retrieved with the path generated.

Edit Path is available for any placeholder that uses assets: Media and Audio placeholders. To use it follow these instructions:

  1. Click the Lock button to make the placeholder accept a parameter, then choose or a create a parameter.
  2. From the 3 dot menu at the bottom right of the placeholder click Edit Path.
  3. Use the ADD BEFORE and ADD AFTER buttons to build up the URL you need including all the dynamically changing parts of the path using parameters.
  4. Click OK.


Let's say I have images of different color cars. I have red, black, silver, and white cars, in 4 different categories. That's 16 images in total. I can call the image files red.png, black.png, and so on, so I have 4 images for each category, and place the images in 4 folders (4 in each folder) on my server. Now I can use two parameters to drive the construction of the URL to the each image. One parameter is "category", and the other "color". The setup of the Edit Path panel, in this case, looks like this: