Release Date | June 16th, 2024

Signup and Login

  • New Design: Updated signup and login screens.

  • Auto-Recognition: Signup now auto-recognizes the user's region to create the account accordingly.

Account management

  • User and Account Separation: Implemented a new popup for account switching.

  • Account Selection: Account selection now uses a table displaying Account, Account ID, and owner email. The table can be sorted by any of these columns.


  • Expiration Display: Shows expiration in days within the Storybuilder interface if it’s set for a specific storyboard.

  • Fallback Fonts: Fallback fonts are deleted after being disabled in the UI.

  • Control Bar: Preview player’s control bar is always positioned at the bottom and remains visible, ensuring all video content is always viewable.

Scene libraries 

  • Overwrite Alert: When uploading, an overwrite alert is displayed if an identical file exists, even if the uploaded file has capital letters and the existing file is in lowercase.

Release Date | March 24th, 2024

General Enhancements 

Enhanced popup sizing to ensure all content is fully displayed.


New Features and Experience improvements 

  • Added an error message with an explanation when encountering an issue that prevents scene preview updates.


  • Capability to generate closed captions as part of the storyboard preview. Enable this by ticking the box next to the transcript define button. 

In the preview popup, users can now set the language code for one or more caption languages 

The video player now displays the relevant captions.

  • Users can choose to replace missing characters with squares during video creation. Without selection, videos will not be created as before.

  • Defined fallback fonts now apple during scene preview.

  • Limited storyboard names to a maximum of 256 characters for better organization.

    Bug Fixes

  • Scene preview is working with font selection driven by a parameter.

  • Scene preview is working with a dynamic path to assets (by building a path using static text and parameters) for audio and media.

  • Shorten scene duration to a certain time not applied in the scene preview.

  • It is not possible to save changes after editing the 'tag group label' in the storyboard tags

  • Text placeholder configuration - highlight color now not applied to other placeholders. In the text PH editor, you will not see the highlight color.

  • Color Picker remains open after clicking 'Cancel' in text placeholder pop-up

  • After deleting font settings , the view does not return to the text placeholder window.

  • ‌After reset to default, the brake line setting that was set on the IDM  disappears.

  • Values with special characters appeared encoded on preview and quick form if the text placeholder set upas formatting-string- Uppercase or Possessive form and UPPER CASE 

  • "Set Thumbnail" option on SB doesn't display the thumbnail preview

  • Long text name representation by hovering is not working in media or audio selection view when opened library assets

  • Chapter names were sent to analytics encoded and therefore were not easy to erect there.

  • parameter ‘s group doesn't appear in the "Map to Parameter"section within the font settings

  • Users do not need to be logged in to download our tools

  • Interactive placeholder’s event name could not be deleted using keyboard

  • Fixed an issue where the operations dropdown list was not opening due to a parameter set as an in-player customization parameter.

  •  Adding a second player parameter results in replicated first parameter.


New Features and Experience improvements 

  • Introduced captions and transcripts for videos generated using Quickform.

  • Video downloading is enabled only after availability.

Scene libraries  

Renaming a folder using uppercase letters caused many issues with the folder, now the name automatically changes to lower case.

Release Date | January 28th, 2024


    New Features

  • Previewing the storyboard is available only after saving has taken place.

    Bug Fixes

  • New transcript editor 
    • Ensured consistent font size in downloaded transcript files.
    • Corrected the behavior to ensure the dropdown opens properly when clearing the language field.
    • Implemented a fix to ensure formatting styles are consistently applied to both selected and future text.
  • When downloading properties files, automatic escaping doesn't break functionality. (no change is made on the file)
  • Media Placeholder left alignment is accurately reflected on the UI
  • Scene preview player no longer breaks when changing scenes from horizontal to other dimensions.
  • User assets are not appearing under the library assets when assigning a file from user assets in the Storybuilder.
  • Scene preview player no longer extends beyond screen limits with high-resolution scenes.
  • Remaining credits now show the associated account data, not the user you logged in with.
  • Preview with media is now showing the selected media and functions as needed.
  • Pressing cancel on the "Add new parameter" popup closes both the current popup and the original popup it was opened from. The following popups have been addressed:
    • Tags setting
    • In-player customization
    • Living data
    • Validation rules
    • Soundtrack 
    • Media selection 
    • Audio selection


    Bug Fixes

  • The page and the information for each batch load rapidly.

Release Date | November 26th, 2023


New application - Users are able to choose security options, add their JWKS URLs using a web interface, then work with the API (generate and metadata) using those decisions.


    New Features

  • Interactive - A few actions can be made on the same interactive point with defining logic rules to navigate the path.
  • Clicking 'cancel' in the text editor, cancels all selection in the window.
  • It is now possible to delete player action from a duplicate scene.
  • Download property file from "map to property" is working.

Scene libraries  

  • Back button becomes inactive when creating a new folder with a name that already exists.

Release Date | September 21sth, 2023


  • The signup process has been enhanced for a smoother experience, eliminating any potential issues that could cause users to become stuck during registration.
  • Changing the email address to a different case (lower/upper) no longer prevents the user from logging in.


    New Features

  • Operators within the logic rules list have been reordered and now include the new operator "Doesn't Contain."

  • Caption text files containing only one or two spaces are now supported.
  • Scene preview now displays default values, ensuring that it consistently reflects defined values.
  • When replacing or combining scenes in the Storybuilder, it no longer takes into account the four digits after the decimal point in the scene PFS (scenes can be combined).
  • Adding a privacy policy is now mandatory when creating an in-player customization form.

      Bug Fixes

  • The "My Assets" folder is now accessible.

  • Text placeholder editing
    • Minimum Size checkbox no longer remains checked by default.
    • After creating a parameter, canceling the action did not return the user to the text editing window.
  • Tags - When creating and saving a group tag label, the input name text box no longer retains the last created name.

Scene libraries  

    New Features

  • Uploading an IDM file with special characters and renaming a scene with special characters is possible.

    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error related to sharing scene libraries.


  • Efficiently load a large number of batches.
  • Supports SFTP batches and displays their uploaded file names.

Release Date | June 25th, 2023

Sessions and login

      Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Analytics login issue, ensuring it opens correctly with associated accounts rather than the main account.
  • Resolve unexpected kick out of a "Scene Library" and redirection to the Storyboards section.
  • Streamlined the logout process, eliminating any delays and ensuring a quick and hassle-free experience when logging out from the application.
  • Fixed associated account pop-up disappearance during login.
  • Smooth redirection from EU to US without logging out.


      Bug Fixes

  • Parameters are now sorted alphabetically. Previously, they were sorted by order of creation.
  • Parameter Name Consistency. Fixed the issue where changing the name of a parameter did not update it across all parameter selection menus.
  • Resolved the bug where resetting the font on a text placeholder would restore the text to the default text set.
  • Text Editor Row Deletion: Addressed the issue where deleting mapped rows in the text editor would inadvertently delete mappings of other rows.
  • Text Placeholder Background Shape Transparency: Resolved the issue where the transparency of the background shape on a text placeholder would display random values instead of the defined values. Now, the transparency behaves consistently as intended.
  • Resolved the issue where the transparency of the background shape on a text placeholder would display random values instead of the defined values. Now, the transparency behaves consistently as intended.
  • Validation rules window:
    • Improved Validation Rules window performance. Resolved the issue where it was impossible to save a validation rule for a property file. 
    • Validation Group Editing: Fixed the bug where there was no option to edit the definitions of the first group when adding more than one group. 
    • Validation Group Numbering and Creation: Resolved the issue where deleting the second group resulted in the numbering remaining the same and prevented the creation of new groups.

Page Creator 

Enhanced Font Selection for title, paragraph and footer : Now, when selecting a font, users can search and find the desired font using the autocomplete feature, or explore the available options conveniently through a dropdown menu.

Release Date | June 15th, 2022


    New Features

  • Add 3 additional options to 'string' formatting list



Possessive form

Insurance -> Insurance’s 

Dress -> Dress’)

Possessive form with capitalize each word

ron -> Ron’s 

Possessive form and UPPER CASE

Insurance -> INSURANCE’S

Dress ->DRESS’

  • BETA FEATURE - Allow to jump to a scene within group logic when defining interactive 

  • Add option to "hide text" in background shape configuration 

  • In player customization to support empty "Form title" 

  • Scene selection within the storybuilder - Scenes in tiles view are sorted  by ABC   

      Bug Fixes

  • Scene duplication in a group affecting all defined transcripts for the scenes in the group

  • Transcript deleted from a scene when a group of scenes created

  • Parameters that are created in the storyboard tags section are not added to the used global parameters. 

  • Pause of X seconds is not saved on player action

  • Locking a duplicated storyboard does not work

  • Search on storyboards page had a 110 storyboards  limit .Result of older storyboards were  not found

  • Scene selection within the storybuilder -Sorting by time is not sorted from the newest to the oldest 

  • In player customization - parameters within groups can not be used

  • Text placeholder - Changing the background RGB numerically it's not reflected in the Hex or the color swatch


    Bug Fixes

  • A batch that fails due to the uploaded file format (A non UTF- 8 file) is not being seen on the history tab and there is no indication of an error

Scene libraries 

    Bug Fixes


    Bug Fixes

  • Quick form sends 3 generation requests (and also charge for 3 videos) if the SB has contextual parameter in it

Release Date | May 15th, 2022


    Bug Fixes - Text placeholder editing

  • Map to property is not saved

  • Occasionally when choosing an exist parameter the "ok" button is disabled

  • When adding a number formatting in add before/after rows the "apply format" button doesn’t work

  • Creating new/changing parameter and click "cancel" still saves the changes

  • Updating text placeholder brake text alignment

Release Date | April 12th, 2022


    New Features

  • "Not in" condition on logics and validations

  • Text placeholders to support background shapes, means this (1 placeholder):

Or this (2 placeholders):

  • Placeholders properties to match the default definitions on the IDM (scene). Expose things like vertical alignment, rich text, scale, baseline, media alignment, audio duration referrer  and more.

  • New Shine text editor panel, all existing feature in a better organized pop up


    Bug Fixes

  • Scene preview is not being updated with the values of the global parameters.

  • Better experience on scene preview  - After a change is made , the player reloads the loading  gif, until updates finish and the scene is with new characteristics.

  • Transcript is not created with spacing between scenes (Overlapping Issue).

  • Search does not work within a scene library on the storybuilder.

  • Library assets order should be sorted by alphabetical order with an option to change from newest to latest (as the behavior when adding a scene).

  • Open asset management does not remember the latest location.

  • Parameter within a group that is not used in the storyboard still seen on preview / on quick form / API example

  • Audio placeholder with context parameter breaks the storyboard.

  • G0 scene with no placeholders can't be previewed.

  • Static audio placeholder that is set with Polly getting broken when changing another  static placeholder.

  • Polly settings are not being deleted once unselecting the Polly checkbox.

  • PV breaks URLs if there is more than one "=" sign inside query parameters (URLs that are assigned in live data, interactive, edit path).

  • After 'apply to all' the selected scene jumps to be the first in the storyboard.

  • Soundtrack’s Fade in and Fade out duration changes aren't saved.

  • "Add After" parameter in ‘Edit path’ on audio does not save.

  • After mapping to folder on text placeholder, last location not remembered so "map to parameter" tab opens  instead of "map to folder" tab


    Bug Fixes

  • Error report file is empty when the entire batch fails.

  • Correcting the API call example.

  • Statistics ID can not include ‘space’.

Landing page builder 

    Bug Fixes

  • Landing page names with special characters are not shown as needed.

Scene libraries 

    Bug Fixes

  • Unable to upload assets to a scene library SL (Mac, Chrome)

  • Error message on replace scene not presented as needed.

Release Date | Februery 1st, 2022


    Bug Fixes

  • Breaking a group deletes the configuration of an interactive placeholder.

  • Interactive Placeholder resets for all scenes in a group when deleting a scene inside a group.

  • Duplication of scenes after removing a scene with interactive placeholder does not work

  • Font settings changes aren't reflected on all placeholders.

  • Library Assets logs users off in case all scenes in the SB are deleted.

  • Polly settings are being deleted from the GUI when going out of the storyboard.

Landing page builder

    New Features

  • Player definition on a landing page changes to start with sound, not autoplaying.

Home page

  • New design aligned with Idomo branding.


  • New design to support several versions of Scene Tools.

Release Date | December  22th, 2021


    Bug Fixes

  • Storyboard 'preview' does not update with new info and shows the latest video.

  • Navigating in the library asset kicks the user out of storybuilder. (Known issue - Library Assets Log Off in case of all scenes in the SB are deleted (there is no scene to take the library from))

  • Going out of a storyboard after creating a group with one scene cancels the group & goes back to being a scene.

  • After reopening the media/audio placeholder’s mapping,the orange "V" indication disappears and clicking "OK" removes the defined mapping.

  • Interactive settings being overwritten between scenes when duplicating a scene within a group.

  • Changes or copy into the transcript’s pop up, weren't saved properly in Transcript.

  • "+ Add parameter" button always be enabled for "Open link" + "Load video" + url on "invoke API" actions. 

  • When deleting/changing any data on existing IN-PLAYER CUSTOMIZATION settings it is saved although clicking "CANCEL" 

    New Features

  • Add 'edit path' for static media and audio placeholders so static media can be selected from external folders and polly can be used.

  • Support  two new date format input 

    • Salesforce date time format

    • HubSpot date time format

Quick form 

    Bug Fixes

  • Video playing starts but after a few seconds the image will disappear, audio continues and the loading icon will show up on the screen. 

Scene libraries

    Bug Fixes

  • Scenes list takes a lot of time to load after deleting a scene and sometimes the list appears empty.


    Bug Fixes

  • "Aborted" status added to the status list.


    Bug Fixes

  • Updated the link to "Click here to learn more about Idomoo V2 API" on API tab 

  • Contextual parameters asked on CSV in case they have been used as logic on storyboard. 


    Bug Fixes

  • "Aborted" status added to the status list on history..

  • Doesn't allow special characters in files names (issue only on Chrome in MAC)

Release Date | November 24th, 2021

In-player customization

    New Features

  • Advanced options

    • Option to add a checkbox to ‘Allow Viewer Customisation’ (Allow viewer to see the In-Player customization form and create new video).

    • Change form title text.

    • Change Button text.

  • New Parameter type - True/False (Binary)

    • Can be aggregated into groups.

    • Number of items to select within a group can be limited.

    • Each option can be displayed on the form as a label, an icon or both.

Below you can see an example of the first group with labels only , the second group with both labels and icons and the last group with icons only.


    New Features

  • Add parameter is allowed on all living data services

  • Add https:// example where relevant on interactive placeholders 

    Bug Fixes

  • Storyboards get malformed after duplicating a scene with player action. The duplication also changes other player actions so the events on the video are incorrect as well

  • Replace scene fields get messed up with many placeholders

  • Living data parameter name do not change after changing it on other parts of the application

Scene library

    Bug Fixes

  • Broken thumbnails  shown when uploading new scene

  • Can't share a scene library with more than one account

  • Scene library name is encoded at first

Facebook integration

    New Features

  •  More accurate estimated Audience size number

HubSpot integration

    Bug Fixes

  • Disconnections fixed

Release Date | October 4th, 2021

Release Date | October 4th, 2021


    New Features

  • Add option for "in" condition on group logic , scene logic, validation rules & storyboard tags. This allows creating a list of values that meet the condition.

  • Allow special characters in Scene Libraries file names.

  • Audio placeholder settings - Allow negative value on “Soundtrack will be stopped at the beginning of this audio placeholder “ so the soundtrack will stop before the audio comes in.

  • Remove any obligation for links on interactive placeholder or Player actions.

  • GIF generating batch can include a landing page link

  • Add induction when Validation Rules ,Storyboard Tags or Living Data is set.

    Bug Fixes

  • Change a button action from “open link” to invoke API with parameters & then applying to all it deleted the action of the button

  • When deleting a scene & opens the Scene Libraries list on a different Scene Librarie then chosen from

  • When adding more scenes from the "+" icon sees the whole Scene Libraries list for example SB

  • G0 terminology was deleted from API keys section

  • Set sidechain compression amount as default to (-8)

  • Time difference data source on LIVING DATA changed to support more formats (only year, only month,etc)

  • On audio file assignment - when moving between user assets to library assets & back, user sees the files of library assets instead of user assets

  • Align Polly narrator voices with latest Amazon’s voices

  • Logging in is no longer case sensitive

  • Log in to the european environment ( required the user to enter twice his credentials .


  • Facebook marketing API upgrade to 11V

  • Traffic campaign objective fixed

HubSpot integration

    New Features

  • Question mark appears next to the Hub details, showing the list of storyboards.

  • Strikethrough HubSpot app if connection to HubSpot is not Active.

    Bug Fixes

  • "Living Data Service Disconnected" appears non stop & can't close it.

  • When duplicating hubspot the property + contact are NOT duplicated. 

  • If changing the HubSpot hub, the property selected is NOT reseted. 

  • When adding a 2nd hub on settings it's stuck on endless loading & the 1st one is also deleted.

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | September 12th, 2021

Release Epics | 470,488,

Login process batch

    New Features

  • Supports SSO (Single Sign-On).

  • Support social identity providers (such as Google).

  • Alignment with NIST guidelines:

    • Password complexity 

      • 12 characters long. 

      • At least  one number, one special characters, one lowercase and one uppercase.

    • Allow Password “Paste-In”.

    • Use Breached Password Protection (Cognito Advanced Security).

    • Don't Use “Password Hints” .

    • Adaptive Authentication.


    New Features

  • Supporting Audio placeholders.

  • Send email campaign error notifications to end users on campaign generating failure.

  • Ability to generate Facebook ads with a static scene.

    Bug Fixes

Release Date | August 2nd, 2021

Generate batch

    New Features

  • New preset outputs

    • Idomoo output - Video; A Personalized Video with its corresponding images and accessibility outputs

    • Idomoo output - GIF; Render each row as an GIF

    • Idomoo output - Image ;  Render each row as an image

  • Set statistics identifiers 

    • Statistic ID to group video statistics in the analytics dashboard.

    • Video file name - A column from the data file used for setting video file name to easier track users’ journey.

  • Better UX

    • Search storyboards and landing pages by their names or IDs

    • More explanations and tooltips to help users with their decisions.


    Bug Fixes

  • When '+ADD PLAYER ACTION' clicked and a card is added, open the popup as well 

  • It's impossible to add a group parameter

Release Date | June 23rd, 2021



  • Faster load of storyboards list page 

    • Validate if a storyboard can become an ‘example’ only when the user selects the option.

  • Faster load of storyboards by separating loading process

    • First load scenes and assets for libraries that participate in the storyboard, later bring the rest.

  • Storyboards list page - Load 50 storyboard and not 12


  • A better UI in Living Data panel and small fixes to the Settings > Apps section

  • Using Hubspot tokens to render

  • Supporting Hubspot Media Bridge, which in itself includes:

    • Pushing custom objects to media bridge (UI and Lambda)

    • oEmbed support for videos

    • Hubspot Custom Modules


    New Features

  • 2 step authentication is now available for Microsoft Authenticator as well 

  • No link to old Analytics 

Landing Page Builder


    Bug Fixes

  • CTA buttons are not seen for few screen resolutions


    Bug Fixes

  • Scene preview plays all sound simultaneously 

  • In interactive PHs and Player Events "http://" is always set as a prefix 

  • When trying to add parameter at the begging for tooltip option on interactive PH they are always add at the end 

  • Player action title appear as "undefined" in video instead of no appear

  • “Trigger event” action on interactive placeholders and on player actions - Can't add parameters & when creating a new one it added as "undefined"

  • Scene preview updates when there's no need & when it updates is overrides the pop ups 

  • Media management doesn't automatically complete the SBs SL path in "LIBRARY ASSETS" tab 

  • Data formatting of any kind is NOT added to a G0 scene

Scene libraries

    Bug Fixes

Quick forms 


  • GIF plays in the same page

  • Default landing page link shown without parameters 

  • Share option disabled

Known issues:

        As part of the performance improvements, there are some open issues that will be resolved soon :

  • Add additional scene to scene library - loading of libraries can take time and no loading indication 

  • Sorting library by time is not sorted from the newest to the oldest

  • "Living Data Service Disconnected" appears non stop & can't close it. 

Specific scenario:

1. Create a SB with HubSpot

2. Go back to settings

3. Delete the HubSpot app

  • When deleting a scene & opens the SL list on a different SL then chosen from 

  • Example storyboard:

    • When adding more scenes from the "+" icon sees the whole SL list for example SB 

Release Date | May 14th, 2020


    New Features

  • Update PV password policy 

  1. Change password minimum length to 9 characters 

  2. Must have one non-alphanumeric character (!@#$%^&*()_+-=[]{}|)

New policy: Passwords must contain at least one lowercase character, one uppercase character, one digit, one special character and must be between 9-16 characters in length

    Bug Fixes

  • Fix login issues on environments which are not or

Landing Page Builder

    Bug Fixes

  • CTA's are not centered in IE 10

  • 'Facebook Share' on LP missing thumbnail


    New Features

  • Users with access to Amazon Polly will get an easier way to implement it on audio placeholders.


  • Previews are auto started with sound on

    Bug Fixes

  • If we replace a scene with built-in audio placeholders, the placeholders of the new scene are added instead of replaced.

  • Can't set soundtrack fade-out time to 0 seconds.

  • Renaming an asset in SB does not change all asset names on Couchbase.

  • Storyboard not selected when generating FB campaign from storyboard three dots menu.

Quick Forms

    New Features

  • Copy Thumbnail option that contains a thumbnail  with a link to the video embedded in it to easily paste it and send. 

  • Add "Download VIDEO" and "SHARE VIA EMAIL" to HLS videos created on Quick form

  • Quality "good" is the default quality on quick forms

  • Videos are auto started with sound on

    Bug Fixes

  • Landing page selection on quick form is ignored

 Facebook Integration

    Bug Fixes

  • Custom audiences for an account that have more than 2 ad accounts connected are not shown.

  • Invalid billing event [billing_event] sent with LINK_CLICKS optimization_goal

  • Facebook storyboard preview is still with player 19 (upgraded to player 2.0)

  • Targeting field is open and let user save data without checking if it’s available on the API list

  • Data isn't saved on the placeholder while targeting by OS Version parameter.

  • Get Installs of your app objective fail to create Facebook campaigns.

  • Audio placeholder edits do not save.

  • Ad previews do not work for square and vertical scenes.

  • Facebook campaign with Campaign Objective Engagement-Post engagement and Optimization Goal Post engagement raises an error.

  • mixed error message mishap

  • While mapping presented media to the creative on media or audio placeholder there is no edit button appear, you have to delete previous media and then map the new one.

  • Changes to Facebook logs:

    • Add objective and goal of a campaign into batch log

    • Separate fb_batch_ logs into different folder than /files

Release Date | April 16th, 2020

Landing Page Builder

    New Features

Adopting landing page builder to work with player 2.0

  • Enable Player Actions / Player Navigation / Placeholder for Interactions on the player  toggle to be seen by all users (this way all users can add this to the landing page if needed)

  • Removed unsupported options (deprecated on player 2.0)

    • "Google Analytics Tracking Code" option under 'CUSTOMIZATION' tab

    •  "SURVEY" tab

    • Overlay CTA tab

    Bug Fixes

  • CTA not recording analytics

Quick Forms

New Features

  • "Get link" on /new and /new2 copy the link to clipboard 


  • Title tag in the head section should be the storyboard name

  • Update "Get link" landing page design on the /new and /new2 quick forms

  • Set gif FPS default value on /new quick form to 15 fps

    Bug Fixes

  • Parameter Description do not appear on quick form as tooltip anymore

  • Fix issues on /new2 (QuickForm to test IMS3)

Facebook Integration

    New Features

  • Get the estimated ad set audience size and show warning if needed

  • Create videos (ads) on campaigns with relevant metadata and naming

    Bug Fixes

  • Custom audience targeting disappeared

  • Get installs of app objectives - Both IOS and Android app link fields are mandatory.

  • Get installs of your app objective - Scrollbar slider.

  • FB Scene Logic - some parameters don't create targeting permutation.

  • No color preview on ' presented media'

  • Facebook Targeting - OS Versions parameter

  • Facebook campaign - Set campaign - Facebook App bar empty

  • Generate Facebook campaign with Campaign Objective Collect lead information and Optimization Goal Lead Generation

  • Creative error message automatically pops up when opening a dynamic placeholder

  • Identical ad sets allowed to be selected

  • Scene logic conditions derive wrong error message