Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date |June 15th, 2022


New Features

  • Add 3 additional options to 'string' formatting list



Possessive form

Insurance -> Insurance’s 

Dress -> Dress’)

Possessive form with capitalize each word

ron -> Ron’s 

Possessive form and UPPER CASE

Insurance -> INSURANCE’S

Dress ->DRESS’

  • BETA FEATURE - Allow to jump to a scene within group logic when defining interactive 

  • Add option to "hide text" in background shape configuration 

  • In player customization to support empty "Form title" 

  • Scene selection within the storybuilder - Scenes in tiles view are sorted  by ABC   

Bug Fixes

  • Scene duplication in a group affecting all defined transcripts for the scenes in the group

  • Transcript deleted from a scene when a group of scenes created

  • Parameters that are created in the storyboard tags section are not added to the used global parameters. 

  • Pause of X seconds is not saved on player action

  • Locking a duplicated storyboard does not work

  • Search on storyboards page had a 110 storyboards  limit .Result of older storyboards were  not found

  • Scene selection within the storybuilder -Sorting by time is not sorted from the newest to the oldest 

  • In player customization - parameters within groups can not be used

  • Text placeholder - Changing the background RGB numerically it's not reflected in the Hex or the color swatch


Bug Fixes

  • A batch that fails due to the uploaded file format (A non UTF- 8 file) is not being seen on the history tab and there is no indication of an error

Scene libraries 

Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes

  • Quick form sends 3 generation requests (and also charge for 3 videos) if the SB has contextual parameter in it

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | May 15th, 2022


Bug Fixes - Text placeholder editing

  • Map to property is not saved

  • Occasionally when choosing an exist parameter the "ok" button is disabled

  • When adding a number formatting in add before/after rows the "apply format" button doesn’t work

  • Creating new/changing parameter and click "cancel" still saves the changes

  • Updating text placeholder brake text alignment

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | April 12th, 2022


New Features

  • "Not in" condition on logics and validations

  • Text placeholders to support background shapes, means this (1 placeholder):

Or this (2 placeholders):

  • Placeholders properties to match the default definitions on the IDM (scene). Expose things like vertical alignment, rich text, scale, baseline, media alignment, audio duration referrer  and more.

  • New Shine text editor panel, all existing feature in a better organized pop up


Bug Fixes

  • Scene preview is not being updated with the values of the global parameters.

  • Better experience on scene preview  - After a change is made , the player reloads the loading  gif, until updates finish and the scene is with new characteristics.

  • Transcript is not created with spacing between scenes (Overlapping Issue).

  • Search does not work within a scene library on the storybuilder.

  • Library assets order should be sorted by alphabetical order with an option to change from newest to latest (as the behavior when adding a scene).

  • Open asset management does not remember the latest location.

  • Parameter within a group that is not used in the storyboard still seen on preview / on quick form / API example

  • Audio placeholder with context parameter breaks the storyboard.

  • G0 scene with no placeholders can't be previewed.

  • Static audio placeholder that is set with Polly getting broken when changing another  static placeholder.

  • Polly settings are not being deleted once unselecting the Polly checkbox.

  • PV breaks URLs if there is more than one "=" sign inside query parameters (URLs that are assigned in live data, interactive, edit path).

  • After 'apply to all' the selected scene jumps to be the first in the storyboard.

  • Soundtrack’s Fade in and Fade out duration changes aren't saved.

  • "Add After" parameter in ‘Edit path’ on audio does not save.

  • After mapping to folder on text placeholder, last location not remembered so "map to parameter" tab opens  instead of "map to folder" tab


Bug Fixes

  • Error report file is empty when the entire batch fails.

  • Correcting the API call example.

  • Statistics ID can not include ‘space’.

Landing page builder 

Bug Fixes

  • Landing page names with special characters are not shown as needed.

Scene libraries 

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to upload assets to a scene library SL (Mac, Chrome)

  • Error message on replace scene not presented as needed.

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | February 1st, 2022


Bug Fixes

  • Breaking a group deletes the configuration of an interactive placeholder.

  • Interactive Placeholder resets for all scenes in a group when deleting a scene inside a group.

  • Duplication of scenes after removing a scene with interactive placeholder does not work

  • Font settings changes aren't reflected on all placeholders.

  • Library Assets logs users off in case all scenes in the SB are deleted.

  • Polly settings are being deleted from the GUI when going out of the storyboard.

Landing page builder

New Features

  • Player definition on a landing page changes to start with sound, not autoplaying.

Home page

  • New design aligned with Idomo branding.


  • New design to support several versions of Scene Tools.

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | December 22th, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • Storyboard 'preview' does not update with new info and shows the latest video.

  • Navigating in the library asset kicks the user out of storybuilder. (Known issue - Library Assets Log Off in case of all scenes in the SB are deleted (there is no scene to take the library from))

  • Going out of a storyboard after creating a group with one scene cancels the group & goes back to being a scene.

  • After reopening the media/audio placeholder’s mapping,the orange "V" indication disappears and clicking "OK" removes the defined mapping.

  • Interactive settings being overwritten between scenes when duplicating a scene within a group.

  • Changes or copy into the transcript’s pop up, weren't saved properly in Transcript.

  • "+ Add parameter" button always be enabled for "Open link" + "Load video" + url on "invoke API" actions. 

  • When deleting/changing any data on existing IN-PLAYER CUSTOMIZATION settings it is saved although clicking "CANCEL" 

New Features

  • Add 'edit path' for static media and audio placeholders so static media can be selected from external folders and polly can be used.

  • Support  two new date format input 

    • Salesforce date time format

    • HubSpot date time format

Quick form 

Bug Fixes

  • Video playing starts but after a few seconds the image will disappear, audio continues and the loading icon will show up on the screen. 

Scene libraries

Bug Fixes

  • Scenes list takes a lot of time to load after deleting a scene and sometimes the list appears empty.


Bug Fixes

  • "Aborted" status added to the status list.


Bug Fixes

  • Updated the link to "Click here to learn more about Idomoo V2 API" on API tab 

  • Contextual parameters asked on CSV in case they have been used as logic on storyboard. 


Bug Fixes

  • "Aborted" status added to the status list on history..

  • Doesn't allow special characters in files names (issue only on Chrome in MAC)

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | November 24th, 2021

In-player customization

New Features

  • Advanced options

    • Option to add a checkbox to ‘Allow Viewer Customisation’ (Allow viewer to see the In-Player customization form and create new video).

    • Change form title text.

    • Change Button text.

  • New Parameter type - True/False (Binary)

    • Can be aggregated into groups.

    • Number of items to select within a group can be limited.

    • Each option can be displayed on the form as a label, an icon or both.

Below you can see an example of the first group with labels only , the second group with both labels and icons and the last group with icons only.


New Features

  • Add parameter is allowed on all living data services

  • Add https:// example where relevant on interactive placeholders 

Bug Fixes

  • Storyboards get malformed after duplicating a scene with player action. The duplication also changes other player actions so the events on the video are incorrect as well

  • Replace scene fields get messed up with many placeholders

  • Living data parameter name do not change after changing it on other parts of the application

Scene library

Bug Fixes

  • Broken thumbnails  shown when uploading new scene

  • Can't share a scene library with more than one account

  • Scene library name is encoded at first

Facebook integration

New Features

  •  More accurate estimated Audience size number

HubSpot integration

Bug Fixes

  • Disconnections fixed

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | October 4th, 2021


New Features

  • Add option for "in" condition on group logic , scene logic, validation rules & storyboard tags. This allows creating a list of values that meet the condition.

  • Allow special characters in Scene Libraries file names.

  • Audio placeholder settings - Allow negative value on “Soundtrack will be stopped at the beginning of this audio placeholder “ so the soundtrack will stop before the audio comes in.

  • Remove any obligation for links on interactive placeholder or Player actions.

  • GIF generating batch can include a landing page link

  • Add induction when Validation Rules ,Storyboard Tags or Living Data is set.

Bug Fixes

  • Change a button action from “open link” to invoke API with parameters & then applying to all it deleted the action of the button

  • When deleting a scene & opens the Scene Libraries list on a different Scene Librarie then chosen from

  • When adding more scenes from the "+" icon sees the whole Scene Libraries list for example SB

  • G0 terminology was deleted from API keys section

  • Set sidechain compression amount as default to (-8)

  • Time difference data source on LIVING DATA changed to support more formats (only year, only month,etc)

  • On audio file assignment - when moving between user assets to library assets & back, user sees the files of library assets instead of user assets

  • Align Polly narrator voices with latest Amazon’s voices

  • Logging in is no longer case sensitive

  • Log in to the european environment ( required the user to enter twice his credentials .


  • Facebook marketing API upgrade to 11V

  • Traffic campaign objective fixed

HubSpot integration

New Features

  • Question mark appears next to the Hub details, showing the list of storyboards.

  • Strikethrough HubSpot app if connection to HubSpot is not Active.

Bug Fixes

  • "Living Data Service Disconnected" appears non stop & can't close it.

  • When duplicating hubspot the property + contact are NOT duplicated. 

  • If changing the HubSpot hub, the property selected is NOT reseted. 

  • When adding a 2nd hub on settings it's stuck on endless loading & the 1st one is also deleted.

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | September 12th, 2021

Release Epics | 470,488,

Login process batch

New Features

  • Supports SSO (Single Sign-On).

  • Support social identity providers (such as Google).

  • Alignment with NIST guidelines:

    • Password complexity 

      • 12 characters long. 

      • At least  one number, one special characters, one lowercase and one uppercase.

    • Allow Password “Paste-In”.

    • Use Breached Password Protection (Cognito Advanced Security).

    • Don't Use “Password Hints” .

    • Adaptive Authentication.


New Features

  • Supporting Audio placeholders.

  • Send email campaign error notifications to end users on campaign generating failure.

  • Ability to generate Facebook ads with a static scene.

Bug Fixes

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | August 2nd, 2021

Generate batch

New Features

  • New preset outputs

    • Idomoo output - Video; A Personalized Video with its corresponding images and accessibility outputs

    • Idomoo output - GIF; Render each row as an GIF

    • Idomoo output - Image ;  Render each row as an image

  • Set statistics identifiers 

    • Statistic ID to group video statistics in the analytics dashboard.

    • Video file name - A column from the data file used for setting video file name to easier track users’ journey.

  • Better UX

    • Search storyboards and landing pages by their names or IDs

    • More explanations and tooltips to help users with their decisions.


Bug Fixes

  • When '+ADD PLAYER ACTION' clicked and a card is added, open the popup as well 

  • It's impossible to add a group parameter

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | June 23th, 2021



  • Faster load of storyboards list page 

    • Validate if a storyboard can become an ‘example’ only when the user selects the option.

  • Faster load of storyboards by separating loading process

    • First load scenes and assets for libraries that participate in the storyboard, later bring the rest.

  • Storyboards list page - Load 50 storyboard and not 12


  • A better UI in Living Data panel and small fixes to the Settings > Apps section

  • Using Hubspot tokens to render

  • Supporting Hubspot Media Bridge, which in itself includes:

    • Pushing custom objects to media bridge (UI and Lambda)

    • oEmbed support for videos

    • Hubspot Custom Modules


New Features

  • 2 step authentication is now available for Microsoft Authenticator as well 

  • No link to old Analytics 

Landing Page Builder


Bug Fixes

  • CTA buttons are not seen for few screen resolutions


Bug Fixes

  • Scene preview plays all sound simultaneously 

  • In interactive PHs and Player Events "http://" is always set as a prefix 

  • When trying to add parameter at the begging for tooltip option on interactive PH they are always add at the end 

  • Player action title appear as "undefined" in video instead of no appear

  • “Trigger event” action on interactive placeholders and on player actions - Can't add parameters & when creating a new one it added as "undefined"

  • Scene preview updates when there's no need & when it updates is overrides the pop ups 

  • Media management doesn't automatically complete the SBs SL path in "LIBRARY ASSETS" tab 

  • Data formatting of any kind is NOT added to a G0 scene

Scene libraries


Bug Fixes

Quick forms 


  • GIF plays in the same page

  • Default landing page link shown without parameters 

  • Share option disabled

Known issues:

As part of the performance improvements, there are some open issues that will be resolved soon :

  • Add additional scene to scene library - loading of libraries can take time and no loading indication 

  • Sorting library by time is not sorted from the newest to the oldest

  • "Living Data Service Disconnected" appears non stop & can't close it. 

Specific scenario:

1. Create a SB with HubSpot

2. Go back to settings

3. Delete the HubSpot app

  • When deleting a scene & opens the SL list on a different SL then chosen from 

  • Example storyboard:

    • When adding more scenes from the "+" icon sees the whole SL list for example SB 

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | May  14th, 2020


New Features

  • Update PV password policy 

  1. Change password minimum length to 9 characters 

  2. Must have one non-alphanumeric character (!@#$%^&*()_+-=[]{}|)

New policy: Passwords must contain at least one lowercase character, one uppercase character, one digit, one special character and must be between 9-16 characters in length

Bug Fixes

  • Fix login issues on environments which are not or

Landing Page Builder

Bug Fixes

  • CTA's are not centered in IE 10

  • 'Facebook Share' on LP missing thumbnail


New Features

  • Users with access to Amazon Polly will get an easier way to implement it on audio placeholders.


  • Previews are auto started with sound on

Bug Fixes

  • If we replace a scene with built-in audio placeholders, the placeholders of the new scene are added instead of replaced.

  • Can't set soundtrack fade-out time to 0 seconds.

  • Renaming an asset in SB does not change all asset names on Couchbase.

  • Storyboard not selected when generating FB campaign from storyboard three dots menu.

Quick Forms

New Features

  • Copy Thumbnail option that contains a thumbnail  with a link to the video embedded in it to easily paste it and send. 

  • Add "Download VIDEO" and "SHARE VIA EMAIL" to HLS videos created on Quick form

  • Quality "good" is the default quality on quick forms

  • Videos are auto started with sound on

Bug Fixes

  • Landing page selection on quick form is ignored

 Facebook Integration

Bug Fixes

  • Custom audiences for an account that have more than 2 ad accounts connected are not shown.

  • Invalid billing event [billing_event] sent with LINK_CLICKS optimization_goal

  • Facebook storyboard preview is still with player 19 (upgraded to player 2.0)

  • Targeting field is open and let user save data without checking if it’s available on the API list

  • Data isn't saved on the placeholder while targeting by OS Version parameter.

  • Get Installs of your app objective fail to create Facebook campaigns.

  • Audio placeholder edits do not save.

  • Ad previews do not work for square and vertical scenes.

  • Facebook campaign with Campaign Objective Engagement-Post engagement and Optimization Goal Post engagement raises an error.

  • mixed error message mishap

  • While mapping presented media to the creative on media or audio placeholder there is no edit button appear, you have to delete previous media and then map the new one.

  • Changes to Facebook logs:

    • Add objective and goal of a campaign into batch log

    • Separate fb_batch_ logs into different folder than /files

Idomoo Web Release Notes

Release Date | April  16th, 2020

Landing Page Builder

New Features

Adopting landing page builder to work with player 2.0

  • Enable Player Actions / Player Navigation / Placeholder for Interactions on the player  toggle to be seen by all users (this way all users can add this to the landing page if needed)

  • Removed unsupported options (deprecated on player 2.0)

    • "Google Analytics Tracking Code" option under 'CUSTOMIZATION' tab

    •  "SURVEY" tab

    • Overlay CTA tab

Bug Fixes

  • CTA not recording analytics

Quick Forms

New Features

  • "Get link" on /new and /new2 copy the link to clipboard 


  • Title tag in the head section should be the storyboard name

  • Update "Get link" landing page design on the /new and /new2 quick forms

  • Set gif FPS default value on /new quick form to 15 fps

Bug Fixes

  • Parameter Description do not appear on quick form as tooltip anymore

  • Fix issues on /new2 (QuickForm to test IMS3)

Facebook Integration

New Features

  • Get the estimated ad set audience size and show warning if needed

  • Create videos (ads) on campaigns with relevant metadata and naming

Bug Fixes

  • Custom audience targeting disappeared

  • Get installs of app objectives - Both IOS and Android app link fields are mandatory.

  • Get installs of your app objective - Scrollbar slider.

  • FB Scene Logic - some parameters don't create targeting permutation.

  • No color preview on ' presented media'

  • Facebook Targeting - OS Versions parameter

  • Facebook campaign - Set campaign - Facebook App bar empty

  • Generate Facebook campaign with Campaign Objective Collect lead information and Optimization Goal Lead Generation

  • Creative error message automatically pops up when opening a dynamic placeholder

  • Identical ad sets allowed to be selected

  • Scene logic conditions derive wrong error message